Christmas Gift Scavenger Hunt Ideas

We have several fantastic free Christmas scavenger hunt ideas that will definitely add to the fun at your Christmas party! Whether you are looking for an idea that is fun or one that rhymes, we've got you covered. Check out all of the free Christmas scavenger hunt ideas below and choose your favorites!

Fun with ideas

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A fun holiday to start with your children would be a Christmas gift scavenger hunt in which you would hide their Christmas gifts and make them solve clues and riddles to find them! We have a few Christmas gift scavenger hunt ideas that we know will be a big hit with children.

The first Christmas gift scavenger hunt idea is to do a Christmas scavenger hunt on Christmas morning just like any scavenger hunt but have the final prize be a large pile of gifts. You could do this either as individual family members or as a family unit. You could even have one very sneaky person play Santa and put out all the gifts at the Christmas tree (which would be the final location) while the family is distracted in other rooms solving clues.

Another Christmas gift scavenger hunt idea is to hide a gift at each location that is an answer to a clue. You could even hide the next clue inside the present only to be discovered once unwrapped! If you choose to celebrate this way, it’d probably be a good idea to let one family member complete their hunt while the rest of the family gathers around and watches before moving on to the next family member.

Create a Custom Scavenger Hunt in Minutes

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