Christmas Present Scavenger Hunt Clues

We have several fantastic free Christmas scavenger hunt clues that will definitely add to the fun at your Christmas party! Whether you are looking for a clue that is a mystery or one that rhymes, we’ve got you covered. Check out all of the free Christmas scavenger hunt clues below and choose your favorites!

Present Clues

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Opening gifts on Christmas morning is always such a special time for families. This year why don’t you try celebrating with a Christmas present scavenger hunt? It’s easy to do and your family, especially the children, are sure to love it!

Start the night before by hiding the Christmas presents in various places around the house. It’s best to do this when those who will be participating in the Christmas present scavenger hunt are out of the house or already asleep for the night. Create several Christmas present scavenger hunt clues for each member of the family. (Write out a clue for each present you have). These clues will lead your family members to their gifts. In the morning, hand each person a beginning clue that will lead them to their first gift and second clue. The second clue will lead them to their second gift and third clue and so forth. When you hand out the Christmas present scavenger hunt clues, you’ll need to decide if everyone will hunt for their gifts at the same time or if you’ll all go one by one. If you all go at once, make sure you meet back together in the family living room to see what you were all given. Either way you choose to do your Christmas present scavenger hunt, it will be a big hit with your family and possibly even the start of a new holiday tradition!

Create a Custom Scavenger Hunt in Minutes

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