Christmas Present Scavenger Hunt Clues

We have several fantastic free Christmas scavenger hunt clues that will definitely add to the fun at your Christmas party! Whether you are looking for a clue that is a mystery or one that rhymes, we’ve got you covered. Check out all of the free Christmas scavenger hunt clues below and choose your favorites!

Hunting for Clues

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Add some excitement to your next Christmas party with a scavenger hunt. Participants can work alone or in teams to find the prize(s) at the end. These Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues will help your little elves get started.

  • All year long, my quick fingers make lots of toys. At the end of the year, they're delivered to good girls and boys (Elf)
  • I'm cold to the touch but clear as glass. Don't touch me, though, for I'll melt fast! (Icicle)
  • When I hang from the ceiling, people stop and kiss. Pucker your lips and be sure not to miss. (Mistletoe)
  • I like to laugh and dress all in red. I travel the world with my reindeer and sled. (Santa)
  • We wait all month empty from toe to top. Then, one magical night we get so full we might drop! (Stockings)
  • Fragrant and green, I decorate your door. I wear pinecones, bows, presents and more. (Wreath)
  • Crunchy and yummy, we're a real Christmas treat. Baked with lots of love, we taste very sweet. (Cookies)
  • I have horns on my head and a brightly colored nose. I'm Santa's favorite guy, shining light wherever I go. (Rudolph)
  • I stand tall and green, lights softly glow. A winged angel sits on top, the presents pile below. (Christmas tree)
  • I'm mean and green with a heart too small. I steal the Whos' Christmas, down to the very last ball. (The Grinch)
  • I have black eyes and a pointy orange nose. I like the cold the best, especially when it snows! (Snowman)
  • I'll warm you up after playing in the cold. Creamy and sweet in a mug that you hold. (Hot Chocolate)
  • No two are alike as they float from the sky. Like tiny pieces of lace, on the wind they can fly. (Snowflake)
  • The sky is our road when we pull a big sled. You can't see us though, for you should be in bed! (Reindeer)
  • I keep Santa fed, wash his coat and his socks. I bring the elves snacks while they're making your blocks. (Mrs. Claus)
  • We have halos for hats and live in the clouds. We sound so heavenly when we sing in a crowd. (Angels)
  • The Wise Men, the parents, the cows, the sheep, all gather together to watch the babe sleep. (Nativity Set)
  • I stand straight as a soldier with my mouth open wide. I chomp down on a walnut to see what's inside. (Nutcracker)
  • Cookies for walls and gumdrops for doors. I could look like Santa's house or I might look like yours. (Gingerbread house)
  • Red and white stripes and a cool minty taste. Eat us all up, we don't want to go to waste. (Candy Canes)
  • We don't like the summer, we can't move at all. We need lots of ice, but be careful, don't fall! (Ice Skates)
  • It's Santa's home base at the top of the world. Elves wrap presents with ribbons all curled. (The North Pole)

Of course, you can tailor Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues to suit your decor and guests. Who knows, you might start a whole new holiday tradition!

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