Christmas Scavenger Hunt Riddles

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Riddles are fun for all ages. Little ones might need some help, but their eyes will light up once they've figured out the answer. Older kids and adults will be able to solve harder riddles, but will still delight in the chase. Here are some to get your event started:

Riddles for everyone

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Christmas Scavenger Hunt Riddles don't have to be in a question-and-answer joke format. Rhyming riddles can be entertaining, too.

  • What did the cow say on Christmas morning? Mooo-ry Christmas! (Look in the Nativity Set)
  • What did one angel say to the other? Halo there! (Look near the angel decoration)
  • What do snowmen eat for breakfast? Snowflakes! (Look near a snowflake decoration, of if you want to be tricky, near the breakfast foods.)
  • How do you know if there's a reindeer in your refrigerator? Look for hoofprints in the butter! (Look in the fridge, especially in the butter dish.)
  • What goes in a chimney red and comes out of it black? Santa Claus. (Look either near the fireplace or a Santa Claus decoration.)
  • Why did the elf push his bed into the fireplace? Because he wanted to sleep like a log! (Look near the fireplace or an elf.)
  • What do you get if you cross an apple and a Christmas tree? Pineapple. (Look in the kitchen, especially in a fruit basket.)
  • Who delivers Christmas presents to dogs? Santa Paws (Look near the dog bed or bowl)
  • I stand tall and straight, five points on my head. I can glow softly in lights green and red. Who am I? (Christmas tree)
  • My gown is white, my hat is gold. A horn or harp in my hands I hold. Who am I? (An angel)
  • We come in different shapes, colors and sizes. On our insides, we're full of surprises! Who are we? (Presents)
  • Crunchy and sweet and colorful, too. Cookies are the walls and icing's the glue. What am I? (A gingerbread house)
  • No beginning or end, but I have bows and baubles. When you open the door, everything wobbles. What am I? (A wreath)
  • I'm small but useful, with fingers quite keen. When you unwrap the paper, you'll see what I mean. Who am I? (An elf)
  • Circles of three, a carrot, some coal. Don't push me too hard or else I will roll. Who am I? (A snowman)
  • I'm ninth in the series, but with the most fame. When I was little, I could not play their games. Who am I? (Rudolph)
  • Sweet and crumbly, with sparkles so bright. We're irresistible, gobbled up in one bite. What are we? (Christmas cookies)
  • My mouth is so strong with jaws that can crack. I'm a great help when you're wanting a snack. What am I? (A nutcracker)
  • I have many names but my job is the same. If you're good, I'll bring you new toys and games, who am I? (Santa Claus)
  • We hang in a line, waiting for treats like puzzles, small small toys, oranges and sweets. What are we? (Stockings)

No matter if your Christmas scavenger hunt is for your family on Christmas morning or an event for your whole neighborhood, everyone will have a lively time racing to figure out your riddles.

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